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"Art is not the possession of the few who are recognized writers, painters, musicians; it is the authentic expression of any and all individuality." - John Dewey

You do not have to be a Rembrandt, Renoir or a Picasso to aspire to being an artist. You really just have to love art. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or experienced artist, you have one thing in common with all other artists: a passion for art. It’s never too late to take up art or to take your art to a new level.

What are your artistic dreams?
  • Where are you now with your art and where would you like to be?
  • Is your goal to show in fine art galleries?
  • Or would you like to become part of the local or regional art community?
  • Travel on painting excursions to France, Italy or the Far East?
  • Each goal you set for yourself starts with taking one step. And that one step will lead to another as you grow and develop as an artist.
  • Learn about what you love about art: the “WOW” factor.
  • Visualize yourself as doing, being and creating what you want.
  • Define your own measure of success and celebrate each step of the way.
Coaching will help you…
  • Express your individuality.
  • Identify your mentors and role models.
  • Develop confidence in your abilities.
  • Express yourself in creative ways.
  • Discover your inspiration.
  • Find more time for painting.
  • Enjoy art as a lifestyle.
  • Explore ways to improve your skills.
  • Get your work “out there”.
  • Set artistic goals.
As an artist, express yourself completely, challenge yourself to grow, take pride in what you achieve and have lots of fun along the way!

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